Garmin EDGE200 GPS Review

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Let me say at the outset that having used this device for a month now – it’s FANTASTIC! I’ve used it in conjunction with the free mapping and measurement service you get access to when you buy one of these … Continued

The Voice that says “STOP!

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After several months off my bike, I finally got back on the road. As you all know, just starting is the hardest part of any physical endeavor, not physically, but mentally. The fact is that our lower nature just doesn’t … Continued

To People That Want To Ride a Bike

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RIDE. SLEEP. EAT – Bike Adventure: A "How-To" Josh TK from Josh T.K. Recently I posted a little photo and snippet from a Sunday ride on FaceBook detailing how I’d been off the road for three months and only just … Continued

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