51 Beginner Cycling Tips

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These Beginner Cycling Tips are simply FANTASTIC – and not just for beginners. Sure, those of us with some experience will already have realized that the saddle our bike is delivered with is probably not what we need – I ALWAYS change the saddle for a Brooke’s leather model and go through the pain of ‘breaking it in’!


Some of the tips intrigue me – for instance the one that says to get clip-on shoes – the thought really isn’t attractive to me and quite honestly, I probably won’t do it! There again, the advice on this slide is superb – and pretty well the way I’ve always approached my long rides – just go for the distance and don’t think ab out the speed!

We’d appreciate any insights that you might have into what makes your rides the best they can be – so why not write to us and we’ll start compiling a whole new set of tips right here at Pedaldeals! We look forward to hearing from you…

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