To People That Want To Ride a Bike

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Recently I posted a little photo and snippet from a Sunday ride on FaceBook detailing how I’d been off the road for three months and only just gotten back on board my trust Allegro Tourer. One of the responses from a friend said “I wish I could do that” – which got em thinking – ANYONE can do that! It matters not one whit that you can’t afford an expensive bike – you don’t need one; all you really need is a little passion and patience while you get started.

Having said that, I think some of the advice in the presentation is a little tough to swallow as you get older; for instance, at the end of a long day on the road, I’ve always enjoyed staying in a nice pub or hotel and drinking lots of beer! Yes, I have stayed in tents but now that I’m so much older (pushing 60) I wouldn’t dream of it!

But on almost every other point, I think this presentation gets it right – beg, borrow or buy a cheap bike to get started and just see how far takes you.

And Then There Are The Health Benefits!

Health Benefits of Cycling

From Visually.

When I get on my bike, I escape from the world almost completely, sunk in that beautiful synthesis of physical exertion and mental tranquility that very few hobbies can bring to you. So this summary of health benefits – mental and physical – is absolutely spot on!

So seriously people -even if you haven’t ridden a bike for twenty years, or ever ridden a bike, there’s a world of delight and improved health waiting for you! I left off for 21 years while I lived in Africa and getting back on a bike was not easy – but I now regret every day of those 21 years that I wasn’t cycling!

One day soon I’ll tell you how it really is possible to forget how to ride a bike and what it’s like getting back on after 21 years!

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