2l Frame Waterproof Pannier
2l Frame Waterproof Pannier
money back guarantee A superb frame-fitting 2 liter / 4.2 pint pannier made from waterproof ABS  thermoplastic polymer material to keep your essentials dry on those rainy days on the road. Keep your keys, phone, snacks, small tools and money in here for fast access. And at a really, really roadworthy price with $1 promotional shipping!
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Sale! Double Pouch Frame Pannier
Double Pouch Frame Pannier
This beautiful frame-pannier carries your cellphone so that you can see your e-maps as you navigate the urban jungle! I HATE getting off to check my location on the road and this little beauty fixed that for me. It's water resistant (made from polyester) and can also carry your wallet, credit cards and even small tools. And it's a STEAL at this price which won't last long.
Product Description:
  • Function:Rainproof
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cycling Top Front Frame Tube Bag
  • Size: L(PVC Pouch for 5.5" cellphone), M(PVC pouch for 4.8" cellphone)
money back guarantee The shipping on this product has been reduced to $1 for a limited time - anywhere in the United States
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Sale! Top Frame Bag
Ultra Convenience Frame Bag
Free ShippingTake the pain out of getting your stuff FAST! When you need your wallet or phone or anything easily and in a hurry - this waterproof top-frame mounted bag is the answer. With Free Shipping for a limited time, and limited supply on this offer.
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Sale! Blue Bike Bag
Waterproof Triangular Cycling Bag
money back guarantee

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Utilize that empty space on your bicycle's frame triangle with a frame bag! Bike frame bags are a truly convenient and reachable place to store critical small gear and essentials on your bike. These small bags are really useful in a wide variety of circumstances ranging from local commuting to long distance touring and just about everything in between. The narrow profile of bike frame bags means that they are out of the way of a rider's movement on the bike. Their attachment straps are designed not to interfere with the bike's cables and housing. Bike frame bags do not affect a bicycle's handling - even when a rider is out of the saddle or cornering. This little beauty carries a 1.5L (3 pint)  capacity for your wallet, phone, keys and more. It mounts on the tube frame in a moment (as shown), it's ultra-convenient, keeps your valuables in sight and easily accessible. No more scratching about in your main panniers looking for those small items that get lost at the bottom but which you need RIGHT NOW! At this price - a steal!
Item Details:
  • Waterproof fabric
  • 19cm*18cm*3.5cm
  • Weight: 56g
  • Capacity: 1.5L
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Sale! Waterproof Bicycle Seat Saddle  Pouch
Waterproof Bicycle Seat Saddle Pouch
money back guaranteeWe really like this unobtrusive little under-seat pouch that can carry many small, assorted items in its rain-proof housing. It's made of high-quality nylon and will last for years and years. On my short rides, I prefer small bags like this to the regular large panniers I use for long rides, and even with the big boys fitted, pouches like this are still fantastically convenient for credit cards and other small items you might need in a hurry without having to sort through larger on-board baggage. Yip! We love this one! Free Shipping
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