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Mini U-Lock – Fast and Effective

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money back guaranteeNo one likes the inconvenience that goes with the most effective security (you can read about it here – or get a brief summary under the ‘Description’ tab below) whether it’s on your bike or on your PC! As part of our 2-lock strategy though, this little beauty really minimizes that inconvenience.

Advantages and Specification:

  • Size:125mm*110mm (4.9 Inches * 4.3 inches) (See photo for full dimensions)
  • Material: High quality aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 275g (under 10 ounces)

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tonyon-anti-theft-bicycle-u-lock-This tiny U Lock really is a perfect part of the most effective bike anti-theft strategy we know of: 2 different locks and a siren.

If you live or work in an especially vulnerable area such as a college or one of those cities targeted by bike thieves then you should consider this strategy.

This particular lock takes the inconvenience out of having two locks because it’s so light, simple and quick to apply – it’s really almost as easy as just having one lock.

Why do we say two locks…? Because two different locks means that thieves need two sets of tools to steal your bike – and many simply don’t have that – at least not casual thieves. Any bike lock is breakable, so even if the thief has two sets of tools, it will take him/her twice as long.

If you add an anti-theft alarm/siren to that then most thieves will stay away – the risk and inconvenience sends them elsewhere. We’re putting some great low-cost deals together to help you with this!

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