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Bike Repair Multi-Tool Road Kit

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Modern bikes are complex beasts, although mostly reliable. But when we do go out on the road, every cyclist needs to be confident that if anything does go wrong, we can at least have a fair go at fixing it. Be it a flat tire, loose seat, failed brake cable, or malfunctioning drive train, we need to be able to fix it fast!

This means having a small multi-tool set that will do almost anything and everything we need to do to get back on the road – fast! This toolkit meets that need – it’s the best we’ve found at a very, very reasonable price, it fits as one unit on your bike frame and it’s light.

Don’t be left at the side of the road waiting for a ride – get kitted up with this great little kit and ride on with confidence!

What’s Included

bike tools caseFrame-fit carry case

This strong, practical and water resistant case straps easily onto your bike frame (see images on the left). It’s ultra-convenient and gives you fast access to your tools when you need them most.

box spannerBox Spanner

  • Side 1 apertures : 0.3cm, 0.6 cm, 1cm, 1.3 cm ,1.4cm
  • Side 2 apertures: 0.4cm, 0.7 cm, 0.8 cm, 1cm,1cm,1.1cm

tire patchesTire Patches and Rubber solution

  • 2 x cold patch 30mm,round
  • 2 x cold patch 28x46mm,oval
  • 1 x 10cc rubber solution
  • 2 x cold patch 25mm,round

multi tool 14 in 114 in 1 multifunction toolkit

  • Allen Keys
  • Socket Wrenches
  • Flat Spanners
  • Screwdrivers – flat and posidrive

tire leversTire Toolkit

  • 1 x 14 in 1 multi-function
  • 2 x plastic tire levers
  • 1 x metal rasp
  • 1 x mini pump

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Tool Kit Specifications:

  1. Bag size: 8.7×4.2cm
  2. Hexagon Spanner: 9cm
  3. Pump length: 20-45.5cm
  4. bag size: 21.5X9X5CM
  5. Tire Levers: 10.5cm
  6. Weight: 660g