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BaseCamp Cycling Gloves
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Those long rides can be jarring; there's not much worse than having to grit your teeth over the bumps and have your hands slip on the handle bars! The BaseCamp cycling gloves can help - they're comfortable, breathable, anti-slip and superbly flexible:

Main Characteristics
  • Material:60% Nylon, 35% PU Leather, 5% Polyester
  • Anti-Static
  • Waterproof
  • Type:Half Finger
  • Anti-Slip
  • Weight: 30g
  • Breathing mesh fabric
  • Anti Shock
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Sale! Beer Cycling Jersey
Cycling Jersey This Guy Needs Beer
money back guarantee I have two main passions - cycling and beer! This excellent jersey declares my love for both. It's great to be on the road on any day, rain or shine and this yellow jersey just screams the exuberance we feel as we pedal through the miles and look forward to a cold one! This is a superbly comfortable jersey specially made for cyclists and woven from lycra, cashmere, polyester and spandex. This makes a material that breathes, lets the sweath out and keeps your torso warm which prevents wind chill and keeps your focus where it should be - on the road.
  • Breathable,Quick Dry,Anti-sweat
  • Fabric Type:Knitted
  • Material:Cashmere,Polyester,Lycra,Spandex
  • Sleeve Length: Short
  • Zipper Length:Full Zipper
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Sale! Pro Cycling Coat for Rainy Days
Pro Cycling Coat for Rainy Days
Free shipping on this itemEven in summer, rainfall can catch us unaware on the road, miles from home. This pro cycling raincoat is ultralight, ultra-durable and ideal for those days!
  • Zipper Length:Full Zipper
  • Breathable,Windproof,Reflective,Waterproof
  • Material:Polyester,Nylon
  • Sleeve Length:Full
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Sale! Front of Tux Cycling Shirt
Ride in Style Tuxedo Cycling Shirt
Free ShippingYou'll love this shirt! Details:
  • Anti-Shrink, Breathable ,Quick Dry
  • Material:Polyester, Microfiber
  • Sleeve Length:Short
  • Zipper Length: Full Zipper
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Sale! front-view
Spandex Yellow Jersey and Pants
money back guaranteeFor a long day on the road, we need comfortable, quality kit that will help our bodies to regulate temperature, deal with out sweat, cushion us from hard hours in the saddle and look good! This attractive polyester and lycra kit does all those things. Product Benefits and Features:
  • Jerseys Material:100% Polyester
  • Sleeve Size:Short Sleeve
  • Pants Material:80% Polyester and 20% Lycra
  • Cycling Jersey Pad Style:GEL Breathable Pad
  • Zipper Length:Full
  • Sleeve Length:Short Sleeve
  • Pad Style:QA GEL Breathable Pad
  • Suitable For:Mountain Road Bike Cycling
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