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Impact Absorbing Bike Seat Covers

Keep Your Trusted Seat - But Add Some Comfort

Free Shipping These stylish seat covers are manufactured from an advanced combination of fabric and impact-absorbing gel. They really can make a huge difference for those ling days on the road or track when you're getting a touch sore! In fact they can prevent a good deal of that soreness from ever happening. Go -on - try one - your underside will be grateful!
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Road Mountain MTB Gel-Comfort Saddle

Summer Sale Special - Limited Supply

Free ShippingThis is a modern, stylish saddle with MTB Gel-like Comfort. It's easy to keep clean so it stays looking good. Manufactured from Polyurethane,steel and other metals, the seat has the elasticity and absorption characteristics you need to avoid or at least delay the saddle soreness that comes with longer rides, or when you're simply out of practise. With standard fitting (as shown), it's easy to fit so you'll be on the road in a few moments - in comfort!
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