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Aluminium Alloy Compass Bicycle Bell
Free Shipping Sometimes you use your trusty Garmin GPS and sometimes your phone compass - but just for quickly seeing which direction you're going in, none of them are as convenient as this simple compass built into a bell. With Free Shipping for a imited time, this is simply a must have for every cyclist! Please choose colour from the drop-down menu. - Ah! - You'll get a 10% discount for buying two.
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Sale! Bike Bell Silver on Bike
Ultra Low Profile Bicycle Bell
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Spring Sale Special

We have a limited number (150) of these bells available at this low price with FREE shipping to the United States. So please don't miss out - order yours now to avoid disappointment! There are FOUR stunning colors to choose from. Oh - I almost forgot - there's a 20% discount when you buy 2!

Low Profile Low Clutter

Between navigation computers, lights, clumsy bells, Bluetooth kits and more, a bike can get really cluttered - and ugly! This stunning bell fits a bicycle so well that some people call it the invisible bell! Other Features:
  1. Extremely durable and high quality
  2. Fits 22.2-24mm (0.87 inches to 0.94 inches handlebars (standard)
  3. Up to 90db decibel sound, creating an extremely bright and sharp sound with the flick of a finger.
  4. Material: Aluminum / ABS / PP
  5. Color: red, silver, black, blue
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