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Bike Wireless Remote Control Bike Alarm

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money back guaranteeThis alarm, used in conjunction with two bike locks as per our strategy is an effective aid to deterring bicycle thieves.

Here’s a basic specification:

    • Sensor Type: Vibrating Sensor
    • Power Supply: 9V Battery (Not Included)
    • Alarm Volume: 110dB
    • Size: 9.8*6cm/3.9*2.4in (L*W)
    • Color: Black


The alarm comes with an operating manual and is very simple to set up. Whilst the sound isn’t deafening on a unit this size, it’s loud enough to draw attention and to make a thief feel very uncomfortable! But the main benefit is deterrence! If your bike has two different locks and this siren – the thief will probably choose another bike to steal. So get some peace of mind! – at this price, you can afford to.

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Bike theft really is at an all time high so you need to use not only locks, but deterrent measures like this remote-control bike alarm.

It’s simple to use and although by itself it won’t stop a thief, when you combine it with two different locks at modest cost, the chances of your bike being stolen are drastically reduced.

We investigated bike theft and its prevention, and found:

  • The worst cities in the US for bike theft
  • The epidemic of bike-theft on college campuses
  • The surprisingly low value of most stolen bikes
  • The most effective anti-theft measures

You can read our article here – enjoy!

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