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Award Winning Hamburger Cycle Lock

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money back guaranteeBike locks can be a pain – cumbersome, clumsy and easily lost. Welcome to a totally new, compact concept in bike security! This award -winning lock folds snugly into the hamburger shape shown and bolts easily to key points on your bike – see the pictures attached. Here are some of the key benefits:-

  • Made from 3mm x 14 hardened steel
  • Uniquely Numbered Steel Keys
  • Can be fixed to handlebar for storage
  • Can be fixed under seatpost for storage
  • Long locking plate – 58cm
  • Light – 0.5kg – 1.2lbs
  • Small shape factor – 2.7 in x 1.9 in
  • Can fit into very small carry bag or pannier
  • Comes with quick release locking mount bracket

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Which Bike Lock to Choose?Sadly, securing your bike from thieves is not as simple as it seems and even a sophisticated lock like the Hamburger cycle Lock is vulnerable – at most, it will slow a determined thief down. All locks (even this excellent Hamburg Lock) can be overcome and broken by determined thieves and a better strategy of theft-prevention is required.

We looked to see where the bike-theft centers are in the US and listed them; we also found out that colleges and universities are amongst the worst places affected, regardless of which city they’re in. We then investigated possible methods for reducing the risk – drastically! You can read the full article here.

In essence, what we found was that:

    • The majority of bikes stolen are worth less than $500.
    • Members of the public rarely intervene or even notice a bike-theft in process.
    • A two-lock strategy will prevent many thefts if the locks are of different types.
    • A Siren/ Alarm is a further deterrent to thieves but we do not recommend relying on one as the primary means of security.

We are structuring some offers here on PedalDeals that will give you the best possible bike-security at the lowest prices – so keep a look out!

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