Sale! bike alarm with remote control
Bike Wireless Remote Control Bike Alarm
money back guaranteeThis alarm, used in conjunction with two bike locks as per our strategy is an effective aid to deterring bicycle thieves. Here's a basic specification:
    • Sensor Type: Vibrating Sensor
    • Power Supply: 9V Battery (Not Included)
    • Alarm Volume: 110dB
    • Size: 9.8*6cm/3.9*2.4in (L*W)
    • Color: Black
  The alarm comes with an operating manual and is very simple to set up. Whilst the sound isn't deafening on a unit this size, it's loud enough to draw attention and to make a thief feel very uncomfortable! But the main benefit is deterrence! If your bike has two different locks and this siren - the thief will probably choose another bike to steal. So get some peace of mind! - at this price, you can afford to.
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Sale! Bluetooth Cycling Glasses
Bluetooth Cycling Glasses
money back guarantee
Out on the road, the last thing you want to do is worry about receiving an important call. That's now a thing of the past with this high quality Bluetooth Phone sunglasses set. Of course, it's not just for phoning - Bluetooth lets you listen to music or anything else your phone has available for you on those off-road breaks.


Key Benefits and Features:
  • Keeps you in the saddle when waiting for a call (always dismount to take the call!)
  • Really simple touch-operation ideal for cyclists
  • Can simultaneously connect to two devices
  • 5 hours of music time
  • 8 Hours of Dialing Time
  • Comfortable rotatable stereo ear pads
  • 10m range if you need to leave the phone on your bike while doing the essentials!
  • 240 Hours ready-remote time
  • Handy neck-chord so the glasses can't slip off and away
  • USB Charging Cable - can charge from any USB port no matter where you are
  • Handy carry / storage case
  • Also great for drivers
  • Polarized lenses and cleaning cloth included
  • Instructions in English
  • Polarized light test card included
  • Very lightweight - 35g
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Bright Valve Cap LED Fun Safety Lights
Bright Valve Cap LED Fun Safety Lights
money back guarantee
This tiny but bright colored LED light fits right over your valve caps. It's a fantastic light for safe Fun nightriding, runs off tiny AG10 batteries (not included) and can be fitted in a moment. Everyone will see this!!! Promotional shipping is free on this item. Please choose which color you want for each item before placing in your cart.
  • Battery AG10 x 3 (not included)
  • Mounting Placement: Tyre Valve Caps
  • LEDs bicycle wheel light
  • Colors: Red/Blue/Green/Yellow bike light
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Sale! combination bike lock:
Combination Steel Cable Bike Lock
money back guarantee Combination locks are (we have found through testing) no less secure than locks with physical keys. Before adding this type of lock to PedalDeals, we experimented with several and looked on the web for 'easy' ways to crack them - without success - none of the methods we tried worked on our locks. One suggested method involved looking for gaps between the digits as the numbers were rotated. While this might be true for poor quality locks, it's most certainly not true for the ones we have tested. This lock is specified as follows:
  • 6mm - 1/5th Inch x 1200mm - 47 inch
  • Weight: 200g - 7Oz
  • Steel cable sheathed in environmental PVC
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Sale! Combined bike alarm bike lock
Combined Bike Alarm and Bike Lock
It's a little more expensive than our other offerings, but this little beauty has a 12mm (almost 1/2 an inch) steel cable which requires a thief to have serious bolt-cutters! As recommended in our article on bike theft, an effective anti-theft strategy will include two different locks and a siren. This gets you 2/3 of the way there with an exceptionally strong lock. Your second lock should be of a different type, forcing the thief to have two sets of tools - if the siren doesn't put him off first. See similar products in the tab below for options. Basic Product Specification:
  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 12 x 1200mm - 1/2 inch x 47 inches
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:500g
  • Loud 105db alarm
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Sale! Beer Cycling Jersey
Cycling Jersey This Guy Needs Beer
money back guarantee I have two main passions - cycling and beer! This excellent jersey declares my love for both. It's great to be on the road on any day, rain or shine and this yellow jersey just screams the exuberance we feel as we pedal through the miles and look forward to a cold one! This is a superbly comfortable jersey specially made for cyclists and woven from lycra, cashmere, polyester and spandex. This makes a material that breathes, lets the sweath out and keeps your torso warm which prevents wind chill and keeps your focus where it should be - on the road.
  • Breathable,Quick Dry,Anti-sweat
  • Fabric Type:Knitted
  • Material:Cashmere,Polyester,Lycra,Spandex
  • Sleeve Length: Short
  • Zipper Length:Full Zipper
Don't forget to choose your size - there's a chart to help you choose under the 'More Information' tab below. Free Shipping icon44
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Sale! Double Pouch Frame Pannier
Double Pouch Frame Pannier
This beautiful frame-pannier carries your cellphone so that you can see your e-maps as you navigate the urban jungle! I HATE getting off to check my location on the road and this little beauty fixed that for me. It's water resistant (made from polyester) and can also carry your wallet, credit cards and even small tools. And it's a STEAL at this price which won't last long.
Product Description:
  • Function:Rainproof
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cycling Top Front Frame Tube Bag
  • Size: L(PVC Pouch for 5.5" cellphone), M(PVC pouch for 4.8" cellphone)
money back guarantee The shipping on this product has been reduced to $1 for a limited time - anywhere in the United States
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Sale! red and blue gloves
Full Finger Shockproof Gloves
Free ShippingThese gloves provide superb anti-slip properties as well as impact-absorbing cushioning that can prevent a great deal of damage to your hands. Made from breathing lycra to keep you cool, they also have high quality gel pads built in. Finally, they also have a built-in  sweat wiper on the outside of the thumb - something we all need when we're climbing that hill and sweat rolling into our eyes. With free shipping - it's a no-brainer! Size Selection: Please use the size chart under the "More Information" Tab.  
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Sale! Bike GPS 3
Garmin Edge200 GPS Computer
money back guarantee

Easy-to-use GPS Bike Computer

  • Tracks time, distance, speed and GPS position
  • Challenge your past rides or others’ rides
  • Great for everyday, training or touring rides
  • See full technical specification under the DESCRIPTION tab below
This GPS-enabled cycling computer tracks time, distance, speed, location and calories burned. The Edge200 is ideal for training, everyday and touring rides or any adventure you want to relive later at Garmin Connect™ — Garmin's free website for data analysis, mapping and sharing.

The Challenge Me Feature

Edge 200 helps you bring new life to old rides with Courses, a feature that lets you challenge your times on previous rides. A digital cyclist shows your speed relative to your past performance, along with an indication of how far ahead or behind you are. You also can download rides from other Garmin Connect users for a virtual competition.

Garmin Connect

Join a worldwide network of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts at Garmin Connect. Once your ride is done, upload it to the site to see the path you traveled on a map, analyse it, share it and view more detail like elevation. Use Garmin Connect’s new Course Creator feature to plan new rides or convert a past activity into a Course. Edge 200 stores up to 130 hours of ride data and sorts your activities so you can quickly look up the fastest, longest or last ride. Free shipping on this item
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Sale! side view with visor side view Certified Yellow GIANT Bike Helmet
Genuine GIANT Safety Certified Helmet
money back guarantee
There are many reasons to wear a genuinely certified helmet, even though the regulations in many parts of the world don't require it. This is a genuine GIANT helmet certified to stringent United States and European Safety Standards as specified below:-
Laser-Bike-Lights-Dual-Warning-Lamps free gift For a limited time, we are giving away one of these 5LED 2 Laser Cycling Safety Lights with every GIANT Helmet. Even here at PedalDeals where prices are special, this is $14.99 of value - and our gift to you!
That's not just gobbledygook! It means that your helmet has been tested to standards specified by government agencies and that the helmet has been designed and manufactured to high standards. If you cycle on the road at all, you need this protection.
  • The shell is made from hard, impact resistant ABS material
  • Very light - 265 grams - just over 9 Ounces
  • 17 air vents for cool wearing comfort combined with safety
  • In-Mold Fusion Microshell Construction
  • Moisture Wicking pads for comfort enhancement on long and intense rides
  • Visor (Included) offers shade during your rides on those sunny days on the road we all love!

  • Large Size: 58-62cm (22.8 Inches to 24.4 Inches)
  • Medium Size: 54-58cm (21.2 Inches to 22.8 Inches)
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Sale! video-and-sound-recording
HD Wearable Camera for Cyclists
money back guaranteeThis is an amazing easy-to-use hands-off HD video recorder that's absolutely ideal for cyclists!
  • Capture those special moments of beauty on your rides
  • Capture accident scenes for proof of cause
  • Impress your friends with footage of those special runs
  • Post your video to YouTube and Facebook
  • Enjoy hands-free operation
  • Record up to an hour of video
  • Superb, simple interface for control (see photos)
  • Record in low-light with this sensitive camera
Package Includes
  • Sunglasses
  • Video Camera
  • Micro USB Data Cable
  • User Manual
  • Rubber Bands
Technical Specification:
  • Supports 1920*1080, 30 fps video recording
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Video Coding: M-JPEG
  • Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Video Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Storage: Micro SD (TF card) maximum 32GB (not included)
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Sale! Bike chain cleaner
Heavy Duty Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Why You Need Our Heavy Duty Bike Chain Cleaner

Dirty drive-trains shift poorly and wear out prematurely so it is essential to keep them clean.

This product will give you clean chains, freewheel cogs and chain rings quickly and easily. A MUST HAVE to care for your bike! Check further details of this product under the 'Description' tab below.

  • Works with all multi-speed bikes
  • No need to remove the chain
  • Reduces wear and improves reliability
  • Saves you money on maintenance
  • Made from heavy duty plastic for a lifetime of reliable operation
We pay your shipping
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