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This week we begin a series of articles for our cycling fraternity. Be you young or old, male or female, we hope that there’s something here for you.

We’re going to be writing about our days on the road, about cycling events, about cycling gear and how it’s made – and anything that you suggest which we feel we can do.

We’re also asking you to send it your stories, feelings, anecdotes and photos to share with our readers; do you have a great story to tell…? Send it to us and we’ll evaluate it for publication.

Keith RowleyKeith Rowley
Founder: PedalDeals

The Joy of Riding

It can be hard to convey the sheer joy of riding to someone who hasn’t tried it, or who tried later in life but never really got going. But there’s a sheer exhilaration that all athletes know that cyclists young and old, amateur, professional and hobbyists all share. I remember one day in the hills of Wales in the UK, I was exhausted and still had around fifty miles to get home. Suddenly, the rain poured down into the surrounding trees, the lakes – and me!

Pure joy overtook my weary limbs and I dismounted and laughed and laughed and laughed for the pure joy of being alive! NOTHING beats that feeling. Even as I sit here typing, the memory brings tears to my eyes.

On another occasion, I was in the highlands of Scotland on my trusty Dawes Tourer. So far, I’d endured sunshine, rain, wind, calm and then snow – Scotland can be like that. The day was dim and I had a long, long way to go – another 50 miles to reach Carlisle where I would be stopping for the night. In the midst of the snow, as I grimly pedaled forward, a van pulled up ahead of me and stopped.

I still remember what I was wearing that day – nylon yellow shorts, a T-shirt and a nylon windbreaker. The rear door of the van opened and kindly young soul peered out, beckoning me – “Get in lad!” he invited. I paused for a moment, looked down the gloomy road ahead, took a deep, chill breath and responded “No thanks mate – I’ve started now so I guess I’ve got to finish”. To my eternal delight, I heard another voice from the van – “He’s f***ing mad!!!” That voice carried me for the next fifty miles!

Tell us YOUR Story

No matter where you are or who you are, if you’re a cyclists then you’ve got a story to share – use our contact form and tell us about it! We’d really like to hear from you.


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Sale! matte red helmet with diamond backlight
Our Newest Certified Cycling Helmet

The Stone Cold Facts

Research shows that bike accidents account for far more traumatic brain injuries than even football,each year. Annually, 26,000 of these bicycle-related injuries to children and adolescents are traumatic brain injuries treated in emergency departments (from the CDC).

Feel Safe - Be Safe - in Style

This certified helmet weight in at a minuscule 250g - that's just over 8 1/2 ounces! To pass its rigorous safety tests, the helmet made from impact absorbing EPS and PC, and to further enhance safety, it's beautifully designed rear lights and reflector gets you seen on the road when the light dims. Here's a summary of facts:
  • Certification: CE/SGS/EN1078 - our commitment to proven performance.
  • Weight: 250g - just over 8 1/2 ounces
  • Material: High Density EPS provides excellent impact protection as the material absorbs the forces directed at your skull
  • Detachable Visor and backlight Insert for comfort and safety
  • Size : 56cm - 62cm (adjustable) - 22 inches to 24.4 inches (adjustable)
  • More than 20 Air vents to keep you cool

Limited Supply

We have 50 of each style available - so please don't delay - we don't expect them to last long.

Free Shipping to the USA

To cap it all, for a limited time to the United States: - We pay your shipping
59.99$US 35.00$US Select options
Sale! Cyclists rear view wrist mounted mirror
Wrist Band Cyclists Rear View Mirror
This is an innovative and new road-tool for cyclists who need to see what's behind us. Personally, I love it!
  • Made of good quality durable material.
  • Easy to use, just wear it on your wrist.
  • Makes cycling safer on busy roads
We pay your shipping For a limited time we are offering free shipping on this item to the United States.
29.99$US 19.00$US Add to cart
Sale! red and blue gloves
Full Finger Shockproof Gloves
Free ShippingThese gloves provide superb anti-slip properties as well as impact-absorbing cushioning that can prevent a great deal of damage to your hands. Made from breathing lycra to keep you cool, they also have high quality gel pads built in. Finally, they also have a built-in  sweat wiper on the outside of the thumb - something we all need when we're climbing that hill and sweat rolling into our eyes. With free shipping - it's a no-brainer! Size Selection: Please use the size chart under the "More Information" Tab.  
30.00$US 15.00$US Select options
Sale! bell compass operation
Aluminium Alloy Compass Bicycle Bell
Free Shipping Sometimes you use your trusty Garmin GPS and sometimes your phone compass - but just for quickly seeing which direction you're going in, none of them are as convenient as this simple compass built into a bell. With Free Shipping for a imited time, this is simply a must have for every cyclist! Please choose colour from the drop-down menu. - Ah! - You'll get a 10% discount for buying two.
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Sale! Top Frame Bag
Ultra Convenience Frame Bag
Free ShippingTake the pain out of getting your stuff FAST! When you need your wallet or phone or anything easily and in a hurry - this waterproof top-frame mounted bag is the answer. With Free Shipping for a limited time, and limited supply on this offer.
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Sale! Black and white bike seats
Road Mountain MTB Gel-Comfort Saddle

Summer Sale Special - Limited Supply

Free ShippingThis is a modern, stylish saddle with MTB Gel-like Comfort. It's easy to keep clean so it stays looking good. Manufactured from Polyurethane,steel and other metals, the seat has the elasticity and absorption characteristics you need to avoid or at least delay the saddle soreness that comes with longer rides, or when you're simply out of practise. With standard fitting (as shown), it's easy to fit so you'll be on the road in a few moments - in comfort!
42.17$US 14.00$US Select options
Sale! All 4 Seat Covers
Impact Absorbing Bike Seat Covers

Keep Your Trusted Seat - But Add Some Comfort

Free Shipping These stylish seat covers are manufactured from an advanced combination of fabric and impact-absorbing gel. They really can make a huge difference for those ling days on the road or track when you're getting a touch sore! In fact they can prevent a good deal of that soreness from ever happening. Go -on - try one - your underside will be grateful!
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Sale! Pro Cycling Coat for Rainy Days
Pro Cycling Coat for Rainy Days
Free shipping on this itemEven in summer, rainfall can catch us unaware on the road, miles from home. This pro cycling raincoat is ultralight, ultra-durable and ideal for those days!
  • Zipper Length:Full Zipper
  • Breathable,Windproof,Reflective,Waterproof
  • Material:Polyester,Nylon
  • Sleeve Length:Full
Please use the size chart under the "More Information" Tab below".
24.15$US Select options